What we do

We are specialists in active travel in Eastern Europe and incentives with an active character

So we organize an active trip or event for your group in Eastern Europe, preferably in Poland or the Czech Republic. We prefer both countries because the natural highlights of both countries are very easy to reach: The Polish Baltic Sea, the High Tatra or the Bohemian Forest can be reached from the major cities in less than two hours.

Active character

But it’s not just the short journey that makes our concept so successful. Rather, it’s about the active portion of our programs. You can choose this as you like: from a long walk along the Baltic Sea coast to a six-hour crossing of the Sněžka. We also adapt the sport together to suit the needs of your group: whether cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or alpine skiing in winter or hiking, biking or canoeing in summer – the choice is yours.

It is important to us that your event is a success. At the same time, we are firmly convinced that the active participation makes the difference and contributes significantly to the success of your event. Even just the short active units in between promote concentration and motivation among the participants. These two factors alone noticeably increase the efficiency of your employees.

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Personal exchange

Personal exchange

A hike or bike ride doesn’t just activate the participants. Rather, they serve as a stage for personal exchange between the participants. This means your employees can quickly start talking to each other – integration of new employees and deepening of contact between existing employees is guaranteed. The active blocks are led by our trained staff who are trained as “bridge builders” in order to establish new personal contacts in the group.

In short: A successful trip/event depends on the coordinated composition:

  • short journey
  • suitable accommodation
  • adapted activity program
  • and competent accompanying staff.

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How we work

We are convinced that events, trips and events can be organized sustainably, inexpensiveand quickly. And always with an active component adapted to the needs of the group. Because even the most exciting event takes on a different, much more personal character when the participants get closer during a hike or bike ride, exchange ideas, and build a personal relationship. So you have two options for organizing your event:

You can develop your event on your own:

  • You need accommodation.
  • You need food.
  • Probably also means of transport.
  • Accompanying staff wouldn’t be bad either.

Of course, someone who coordinates the whole thing from planning to implementation.

Then you need a program. Tailored to the needs of your group.

The only question is whether all the effort is productive and efficient?

Because if you want to reach a satisfactory result quickly, you need special know-how, including: Which hotels are actually worth considering? Which one best suits the group profile? Will I get the room block I want there? Cancellation and payment conditions? Is there a (cost-effective) alternative? Which bus companies are there near the hotel so that the transfers do not unnecessarily increase the overall costs? Which accompanying person (tour guide) ensures that the event has a more personal character?

We offer you this special know-how

So you choose the second option:

  • You contact us.
  • And get everything perfectly organized.
  • All from a single source.

Of course not immediately after 10 minutes. Because we still need some details from you. It shouldn’t be a run-of-the-mill event. It should be your event. And for that we need your input. So that the event suits your group.

In short: With our solution package you will quickly have your trip/event cut and dried. You have the right and sustainable top performers at your side. Our staff gives the event a more personal touch.

Briefly summarized

We design active trips in Eastern Europe for your company. But also short trips and conferences, team building and training camps. Reliable, cost-conscious and always with an active character. We will discuss the volume of activities (selectable between 0.01% and 200% 🙂 together.

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