Multi-active trips


Multi-active trips

Are purely hiking or cycling trips too one-sided for your groups? Then combine both! Activeast also organizes so-called multi-active trips in which different activities are combined. Hiking days alternate with cycling or kayaking days. One of the most popular trips is the beginners’ tour on the Polish Baltic Sea: There are many activities here that make it easy for you to get started with active travel: Climbing dunes. Cycling from beach to beach. Or glide on a coastal river in a kayak: variety is guaranteed! A multi-active trip in Masuria can be organized according to the same principle: your groups can paddle on Poland’s most beautiful river Krutynia, hike through the Johannesburg Heath and cycle around Poland’s largest lake Śniardwy. In Lithuania the Curonian Spit and in the Czech Republic Bohemia and Moravia are predestined for a multi-active trip.

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