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Hiking is the miller’s passion. Now it’s probably not just his: every second person goes hiking between Fellhorn and Juist, between Lausitz and Eifel. Some people who haven’t caught the hiking bug yet are already asking themselves, what’s the deal with this hiking? Is there perhaps more to it than just stretching your legs?

Hiking: Walking in the landscape

Hiking – as the German Hiking Association writes – is walking in the landscape. And it is precisely this landscape, the view of snow-covered mountain peaks or far out to sea, that is the most important motivation for most hikers to go hiking. They are landscape images that will remain in your memory forever. Images that you can draw on for the rest of your life. An inestimable wealth that makes the hiker happy not just for a moment but for the long term.

Hiking ist healthy!

It doesn’t have to be a spectacular high mountain landscape. You can also go hiking at home. If the sun is still shining after work, you quickly grab your hat and take another lap between the forest and the river. A wonderful feeling: even at home you can keep moving, you feel fit, young and healthy.

Hiking is relaxation!

You can also convey this feeling to the participants of your trip/event. Because even just the short hike in between not only promotes fitness but also concentration and motivation of the participants. These two factors alone noticeably increase the efficiency of your employees. A hiking trip organized by Activeast, on the other hand, ensures complete satisfaction and sustainable relaxation for your participants.

You can hike almost anywhere in Eastern Europe

You can organize a trip or event involving hiking in any of the destinations we offer. Because even on the Baltic Sea, in Masuria or in Budapest you can have a great experience on Schuster’s horse. But Activeast’s customers usually choose the regions close to the border: the Giant Mountains, the Bohemian Forest or the Baltic Sea islands of Usedom and Wollin. Of course, we hiked all the trails ourselves, so you can rely on the highest quality of the hiking program. Convince yourself and contact us!

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