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Cycling is healthy!

It has long been known that cycling is a healthy and joint-friendly sport: around 75% of Europeans own a bicycle; a third of them even use it every day. Regular cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system, stimulates the metabolism and therefore helps you lose weight. In addition, cycling strengthens the leg, butt and abdominal muscles as well as the lungs. The body weight is carried by the bike, which relieves the strain on the joints and makes cycling one of the most joint-friendly sports. But it’s not just the body that benefits from cycling. For many, endurance sports are not only the best way to get physical exercise, but also to reduce stress at the same time.

Cycling routes in Eastern Europe

This makes the bike the perfect holiday companion: Activeast cycling groups cycle relaxed through the landscapes of Masuria, Podhales or the Baltic Sea. The three regions are considered to be the most beautiful cycling routes in Poland for cyclists: In Masuria, cycling holidaymakers can circumnavigate the Great Masurian Lake District. In Podhale you follow the Dunajec River, and on the Baltic Sea you follow the now very well-developed coastal cycle path. In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, you can cycle very well along the Elbe and Thaya rivers as well as through Bohemia and Moravia. But that’s not all that Eastern Europe has to offer for cyclists. Because new cycle paths are created every year, so that new cycle tours lasting several days can be planned: whether Green Velo, the tour of the West Pomeranian Lake District in Poland or the Memel cycle path in Lithuania: the selection of cycle paths grows from year to year.

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