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Eastern Europe: a paradise for active travelers

Eastern Europe is considered a paradise for active travelers. The regions close to the border were particularly strictly protected during the Cold War. For several decades the border strips were not touched by human hands – except for the border guards. This led to the creation of a number of national parks and nature reserves along the borders. But you can also have an active trip organized for your group in many other corners of Eastern Europe.

Hiking trails and cycle paths

The countries of Eastern Europe are much more sparsely populated and industrialized than countries i Western Europe. The available natural space is also being developed for active tourism, among other things: for example, a circular cycle path is being built around the Great Masurian Lake District. Hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths are being created along numerous rivers. And in the existing national parks and other protected areas, hikers have access to a well-developed network of hiking trails.

Hidden places for active travelers

However, many areas are still waiting to be discovered by active tourists. This includes, among others, the Greater Poland Lake District, which impresses with its numerous lakes and rivers. A region that can be reached from Berlin in three hours. A region where hikers, cyclists and canoeists get their money’s worth. So there is still a lot to discover in Eastern Europe, be there!

Below we introduce you to some activities and travel topics in Eastern Europe. These are the most popular types of travel for our customers. If you would also like to send a cross-country skiing or trekking group to the Giant Mountains or the Forest Carpathians, then write to us.

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