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Hiking in Rübezahl’s footsteps in the Giant Mountains and in the Hirschberger Valley

The highest peaks in Central Europe

In the north of the Czech Republic, the Giant Mountains, home of the legendary mountain spirit Rübezahl, form the natural border with Poland. Many German writers, including Goethe, Körner and Hauptmann, explored and described this region. No wonder, it offers a varied landscape and the highest peaks in Central Europe north of the Alps.

Hiking paradise the Giant Mountains

Hikers can expect impressive mountain and rocky scenery with fantastic views of picturesque mountain meadows and cirque lakes as well as wide valleys and deep gorges with torrents and waterfalls. Rustic mountain lodges in both the Silesian and Bohemian parts with delicious regional cuisine invite you to take a break.

Castles and palaces in Hirschberger Valley

At the foot of the Giant Mountains, however, a varied cultural program awaits you: In the 18th and 19th centuries, rich industrialists from Prussia built representative residences here at the foot of the Giant Mountains. And so you encounter castles, fortresses and palaces on foot every step of the way: no wonder that the Hirschberger Valley is adorned with the name “The Loire Valley of the East”.

Your hiking trip to the Giant Mountains


If you are planning a hiking trip in the Giant Mountains, you should choose a hotel in either Szklarska Poręba or Karpacz. From there you can explore the Krkonoše Mountains, which are well developed with a dense network of hiking trails, on day hikes. Varied tours lead, among other things, to the source of the Elbe and along the 40 km long main ridge with wide views south to the Czech Republic and to the north to Poland and Germany. The climb to Sněžka, at 1,602 m the highest peak in the Giant Mountains, is one of the highlights. But hikes in the Jizera Mountains and in the Landeshuter Kamm landscape conservation park are also worthwhile.

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