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When you talk to people about the Czech Republic, only one thing comes to mind: Prague. But especially if you are looking for a inexpensive location for a training camp, company event or team building, you will find optimal infrastructure in Czech Republic. There are three regions with a well-developed hotel industry and best conditions for active holidays. They are: Bohemian Switzerland, the Bohemian Forest or the Ore Mountains.

Marianina Lookout Z Punktu Widzenia Vilhelminy

Bohemian Switzerland

Like Saxon Switzerland, its Czech counterpart is very popular with hikers and bikers. The larger hotels in the region also allow larger events to be organized here. Due to its proximity to Prague or Dresden, weekend events are also possible in Bohemian Switzerland. Good Czech beer included.

Bohemian forest

Rzeka Vydra W Gorach Sumava
Rzeka Vydra W Gorach Sumava

You can reach the Czech Bohemian Forest or the Šumava National Park after about a two-hour drive from Plzen, Budejovice or Regensburg. What awaits you here: peace. Mountain idyll. Because not so long ago this piece of earth was one of the best protected border areas in Europe. Luckily the borders are gone. Instead of border guards, there are now hikers and cyclists here. And in the small towns – some in the middle of the national park – there are a number of hotels available. Even one with a 50 meter long swimming pool where swimming clubs can do their training sessions. The hotel is therefore perfect for training camps. But also for larger company events and conferences with an active character.

Ore Mountains

Torfowisko W Poblizu Wsi Pernink W Krusne Hory

You can reach the Czech Erzgebirge/Krušné hory after about two hours drive – coming from Prague. The region is particularly popular with Czechs in winter. Because of the microclimate, the mountains are relatively snow-sure. So here in winter you can combine your event with alpine skiing, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. There are also several good hotels in the area. Even a castle hotel where events for medium-sized groups (up to around 50 people) are possible.


Cesky Krumlov Miasto W Republice Czeskiej

And one more thing: the Czech Republic is a fantastic but still largely unknown travel destination! Hardly anyone has heard of cities like Český Krumlov – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even less about the Adersbach-Weckelsdorfer rock city – the largest rock city in Europe. A masterpiece of modern architecture awaits you in Brno – Villa Stimmehat by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. And in Moravia, a dream landscape characterized by vineyards – in the Czech Republic, a true beer country. A country full of surprises. We would be happy to design a trip to the Czech Republic for you, contact us!

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